Concrete Flow Skateparks

We conceive, design and build skateparks. We combine the freedom of form with artistic ambition and dedicate all our expertise to the material of our choice; we pour it, shoot it, shape it, hand finish it and when all is said and done, we skate it. We work with iron, steel and wood for structural purposes but the skateable surface is invariably concrete!

Our endeavour is to make skating accessible as well as challenging. We cater to all levels of skaters. Wherever possible, we incorporate ‘beginner’ level components alongside advanced features. This way, beginners can watch and learn and ‘pros’ can demo and teach. An inclusive community that embraces all skaters remains the nucleus of our ethos.  

Concrete Flow is undoubtedly purist at its core; our designers and builders are all pro level skaters. Skateability and exhilaration are thus paramount to everything we do.

Signature Skateparks

We focus on small, pure skateparks where conceptual intensity is of the essence. Such skateparks are what we refer to as ‘signature’ skateparks. We put everything into them: sweat, blood, and tears. Although there is no standard ‘signature’ skatepark’, there are common elements. We conceive the skatepark with our customers: the local skating community and the town authorities funding the project. We design, cost and build it from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. We then skate it with the local skaters to ensure that the ‘maximum experience’ we promised is delivered. We do not leave the site until our clients feel the exhilarating surge only a skater can feel.

Collaborative Skateparks

We also work on larger skateparks but as subcontractors. On such projects, our expertise is called upon for the specialist application, handling and finishing of concrete. We have collaborated with some of the largest construction groups in the world. We are highly regarded for our commitment and our knowhow. But even for these projects, we keep strictly focussed on skateability. We do not get involved if we have doubts over the skateability of the project. 


We have done skateparks in Belgium, our home, France, Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have associates who are working on projects in Peru and Brasil.



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